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Our Agent Program

$50 per month plus $300 per transaction/side.​

(Unchanged since introduced in 2006)

Our Independent Contractor Agreement offers the agent the ability to terminate without being held to a lengthy contract or fee changes after termination.


Resident Realty Agents are paid at the closing table. Utilizing a CDA, the closer is instructed to write a check for $300 to Resident Realty and the remaining amount to the agent, so there's no need to come to the office and wait on a staff member to produce your check!

Resident Realty DOES NOT charge agents the following fees:

  • Franchise Fee

  • ShowingTime

  • Additional Set Up / TransferFees

  • Marketing Fee

  • Standard Website

  • IDX Website (

  • Document Storage

  • Contract Forms

  • Transaction Coordination Software

  • Copier Fees

  • Client Relationship Manager (CRM)

There are no additional fees whatsoever*