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MLS Data Sharing

Because of MLS Data Sharing Agents can choose the MLS they want to use. Both Metrolist and IRES do not require membership in a board to access the MLS as an agent.
  • Links Regarding MLS Data Sharing

    • PRESS RELEASE - Feb 3, 2015 - Read Paragraph 3 [VIEW]

    • MLS WEBSITE - Read the last sentence in the opening Paragraph [VIEW]

  • Main Points

    • Agents can see listings in other MLS's

    • When listing properties in participating MLS's they are available for agents in participating MLS's

    • Agents may market properties without joining multiple MLS's

  • Other Points

    • This lawsuit in 1998, (Ferbrache v. Metrolist, Inc., D. Colo. 1998), may have changed the interaction between board member agents, non-board member agents, MLS's and the Boards themselves.

    • Resident Realty has designated IRES as it's Primary MLS in Colorado